Shawn Francis

For over a decade Shawn Francis has been providing custom solutions for clients ranging from professional hockey players looking to improve their conditioning, to senior citizens looking to improve functional strength and mobility. More info

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Workout 3 (Thursday)

Workout 3 (Thursday)

  1. DB Ext rotation x 6 
  2. SL RDL reach 
  3. Stir the pot x 5 EA

Block B x 2-4 sets 

  1. Squat iso w/press out 
  2. Bent over ALT DB rows x 8 EA
  3. Plank reach out w/alt lift 

Block C x 2-4 sets

1.1/2 kneeling shoulder raise 

2.Deadlift x10

3.Toe Touches ALTx 8

Block D x 2-4sets

1.Skipping x 1 mins

2.Curls w/ rotation x10

3.Tricep ext x 10