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For over a decade Shawn Francis has been providing custom solutions for clients ranging from professional hockey players looking to improve their conditioning, to senior citizens looking to improve functional strength and mobility. More info

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Workout 4 (Friday)

Workout 4 (Friday)

Block A x 2 sets 

  1. Floor slides x 5
  2. RDL reach x 5 EA
  3. Deadbug x 5 EA

Block B x 2-4 sets

  1. Reverse lunges  press x 8 EA
  2. Band pull aparts 
  3. Lateral shuffles x 5 EA
  4. Hollow holds x 30 secs 

Block C x2-4sets

1.Lateral goblet squats x 8 EA 

2.v-sit side raises x 12 

3.Sprinters x 10 each 

4.Side plank press outs x 10 EA

Block D x 2-4sets 

1.Weight jacks x 45 seconds 

2.Push up iso holds x 20 secs