Shawn Francis

For over a decade Shawn Francis has been providing custom solutions for clients ranging from professional hockey players looking to improve their conditioning, to senior citizens looking to improve functional strength and mobility. More info

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Workout 1 (Monday)

Workout 1 (Monday)

Block A x 2 sets 

1.S/ball DB T x 12 

2.S/ball stir the pot x 5 EA

Block B x 10 minute timer do as many rounds 

1.Goblet squat 1-1/2 x 8

2.Snap downs x 8

3.Skip x 30 secs

Block C x 10 minute timer

1.Feet elevated push ups x 10

2.RB row w/jump x 10

3.Sprint w/back pedal x6

Block D X 10 minute timer

1.KB swing S/A x 6 EA

2.DB hammer curls x 12

3.Weight jacks x 40 seconds 

Core circuit set 5 min timer 

1.High plank ALT leg EXT

2.S/ball catch w/leg lower x 8

3.DB-S/L reach x 8 EA