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For over a decade Shawn Francis has been providing custom solutions for clients ranging from professional hockey players looking to improve their conditioning, to senior citizens looking to improve functional strength and mobility. More info

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Workout 3 (Thursday)

Workout 3 (Thursday)

Block A x 2 sets

1.S/ball leg curls x 10

2.Bird dogdog x 5 EA

Block B x 4 sets 

1.Squat to OH DB press x 12

2.Plank reach to toe  x 6EA

3.Sprinters x 10 seconds EA

4.Mini band DB hammer curls x 12

Block C x 4 sets 

1.DB floor press with leg lower x 10

2.Side plank reach x 8

3.Lateral figure 8 x 20 seconds 

4.Mini band DB tricep ext x 12


1.Pick favourite conditioning exercise do 20 seconds on rest for 10 x 8 sets